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Giisá village hall | Ellin polku trail | Utsjoki church cottages | Saami bridge



Skaidijärvi trail | Alaköngäs | Northernmost point of the EU

Recreational trails

The recreational trails and sites of the villages of Karigasniemi, Utsjoki and Nuorgam were designed to serve local residents as well as travellers and, in fact, anyone with a special interest in the nature and life in this beautiful region.

Most of the recreational trails follow old, established paths or other routes, winding along at the foot or on the slopes of fells. Information boards at the trail starting points provide a description of the trail profile and highlight any attractions along the way that you might want to explore. The trails are marked by poles and signposts, and duckboards have been built over particularly swampy or difficult-to-cross areas. The recreational trails are generally easy walking and suitable for most people, but the differences in altitude may be quite dramatic in some sections.

The recreational sites are open to all. They are exclusively intended for daytime use, and are not suitable for overnight stays. The lighting of campfires is allowed only at specifically marked sites.

Short day trails

Ellin polku trail 3.8 km, Utsjoki

Kalkujoenlampi trail 5.9 km, Utsjoki

Utsjoki geological nature trail, 3.5 km, Utsjoki 

Skalonjuovčča trail 5.8 km, Karigasniemi

Sulaoja trail 2 km, Karigasniemi

Skaidijärvi trail 5.8 km, Nuorgam 

Wilderness trails

Utsjoki wilderness trail, 25 km or 35 km

Kevo wilderness trail 63 km

Kuivi wilderness trail 86.5 km

Sevettijärvi–Pulmanki­ wilderness trail 60–70 km