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Slow Down in Saami Village

The municipality of Utsjoki (Ochejohka) is the only municipality in Finland where the majority of residents are Saami. The Saami villages of Utsjoki – the Utsjoki village centre, Nuorgam (Njuorggán) and Karigasniemi (Gáregasnjárga) – offer you an opportunity to experience modern, everyday Saami culture: a culture you can live, see, hear, taste and feel. Utsjoki is a place where the traditional Lappish costume is still worn at a number of festivals and events.

Settlements in Utsjoki are mainly located along the banks of the Tenojoki, the river that marks the border between Finland and Norway. The closeness to Norway can be seen both in cross-border trade and in the landscape. The route to the Arctic Ocean, Nordkapp and the Varanger area runs through Utsjoki. Karigasniemi and Utsjoki are linked by one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Finland, the Tenontie, which runs alongside the Tenojoki. The small Saami villages of Dalvadas and Nuvvus are also located along the road.

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