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The magical inn

A house which is known to every northerner stands in the village of Karigasniemi in Utsjoki. Through its twenty years of history, Kalastajan Majatalo, or ”the Fisherman’s Inn”, has never lacked customers, who come here to enjoy a tasty meal or a friendly …

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Glowing autumn colours

As the light grows fainter and the weather turns colder, ruska slowly creeps over the marshes and the fells. The birch trees put on their bright yellow cloaks, the aspens blush prettily and the leaves of the bog bilberries, blueberries and black crowberri…

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Small pleasures

Can you remember the last time you played at skimming stones? Or, just sat on the porch doing nothing? As a young child, you used to enjoy the little things. Have you forgotten how to do that?

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A winter week in Nuorgam

You could easily spend a whole week just admiring the majestic landscapes, the breathtaking Northern Lights and the vastness of the treeless fells. However, for most visitors the temptation to experience the Arctic Ocean first-hand proves impossible to re…

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The dazzling Northern Lights

On a dark, cloudless night, you might just see a wondrous light phenomenon in the sky. During the winter, the Northern Lights dance in the sky above Utsjoki on as many as three nights out of four.

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Village centre of Utsjoki

Nature is always present in Utsjoki. People fish all year round, right next to the village centre. The Tenojoki is a river famous for its salmon, and both up and downstream from the village is excellent for salmon anglers and rowers.

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A day with the reindeer

Reindeer husbandry, a source of livelihood that dates back hundreds of years, is still as important as ever in the fells of Lapland.