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The most beautiful road in Finland

Saamiland is a land of great distances. Similarly to any traffic-jammed metropolis, the distances in Saamiland are not measured in kilometres, but rather in time. Though Tenontie, the loveliest scenic road in Finland, should always be travelled slowly, en…

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Glowing autumn colours

As the light grows fainter and the weather turns colder, ruska slowly creeps over the marshes and the fells. The birch trees put on their bright yellow cloaks, the aspens blush prettily and the leaves of the bog bilberries, blueberries and black crowberri…

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Saami, Finnish and Norwegian cultures meet in Karigasniemi, the crossroads of three languages and cultures in the heart of Saamenland. Karigasniemi also offers the busiest nightlife in the Tenojokilaakso Valley.