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Slow down in Karigasniemi – in the village of three languages and cultures

Saami, Finnish and Norwegian cultures meet in Karigasniemi, the crossroads of three languages and cultures in the heart of Saamiland. Karigasniemi also offers the busiest nightlife in the Tenojoki Valley.

The roots of Saami livelihood lie in their own territory and the varied use of nature’s bounty. Traditional reindeer husbandry continues to thrive in the high fells, as does the fishing culture of the River Saami in the Tenojoki Valley. Salmon fishing is important, not only for the locals but also for tourism. 

Reindeer graze freely in the fells. Karigasniemi is surrounded by pristine nature: the wilderness around Paistunturi, the fell area to the east and Muotkatunturi to the south-west. Many a traveller finds the silence of the fells soothing and the scenery breathtaking.

Karigasniemi is right beside the Norwegian border. Karasjok, the nearest village on the Norwegian side of the frontier, is just 18 km away. The village accommodates the Karasjok Saami Museum, the Saami Centre for Arts, and the Sápmi Cultural Park. The waves of the Arctic Ocean are also nearby. Karigasniemi is within easy reach of Porsanger fjord and Nordkapp, where you can enjoy the high rock walls reaching for the skies and the cold northern wind.