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A winter week in Nuorgam

When you arrive in Nuorgam, you can immediately tell that the Arctic Ocean is near. The close proximity of the Arctic Ocean ensures that the northernmost village in the European Union is a lively, international place even in the heart of winter. You could easily spend a whole week just admiring the majestic landscapes, the breathtaking Northern Lights and the vastness of the treeless fells. However, for most visitors the temptation to experience the Arctic Ocean first-hand proves impossible to resist.

– Almost everyone who comes to Nuorgam wants to see the Arctic Ocean, and most visitors want to go there by snowmobile, says Marjatta Holmberg from the Nuorgam Holiday Resort.

Experienced snowmobile riders often head out to the Arctic Ocean on their own, but if you are unsure about your snowmobiling skills or are concerned about your safety, you will be better off with a seasoned local guide.

– Even if you are an experienced snowmobiler who has already seen it all, I warmly recommend taking the incredible two-day trip to Mehamn, the northernmost mainland point in Europe, also known as the Roof of Europe. The journey over the treeless fell of Ifjord will stay with you for the rest of your days.

Weather conditions in the fells can change in the blink of an eye, which is why Marjatta recommends taking the trip in the company of a local guide. Sea fishing in Mehamn will make your day complete, and you can make the return trip even more interesting if you take the Hurtigruten to Båtsfjord and continue from there to Nuorgam with a backpack full of new experiences.

– You do not need to travel all the way to Mehamn to be able to fish in the Arctic Ocean, though. Sea fishing trips are also organised in Nesseby. There are no snowmobile trails to Nesseby, but you can get there by car.

With any luck, you will see the Northern Lights dancing in the sky on three nights out of four in wintertime. If the nights are cloudless, we recommend that you take some time to admire this fantastic display of light. Good places for Northern Light watching include the riverbanks – or the frozen surface – of the Tenojoki.

– You can also rent a pair of snowshoes and walk to the top of Isovaara fell. The view from the summit is beyond compare. We also arrange snowmobile trips into the fells for our clients.

So, what does the tourism entrepreneur do in her free time? She grabs her skis and her snowshoes and spends the day in the fells with her family, of course.

– We pack a good lunch, eat it by a campfire and just enjoy ourselves, plain and simple. In late winter, we often go ice-fishing for Arctic char on one of the nearby lakes. Nothing beats the sparkling snow of the final weeks of winter in the fells of Nuorgam!

The close proximity of the Arctic Ocean influences the climate of Nuorgam throughout the year. The winters are generally warmer than in the more southerly regions of Lapland, and the periods of savage cold when the temperature falls to -30°C are few and brief. Travellers may even get the chance to bask in warmth.

– Nothing warms you better than a campfire in a lean-to shelter in the fells, a relaxing sauna and tasty food. What more could you possibly want?

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